Quad City DJ's			       C'Mon & Ride It/The Train
               Queen				       Greatest Hits
               Queensryche			       Operation Mindcrime
               Rammstein			       Sehnsucht
               Rancid				       ...And Out Come The Wolves
               Ready For The World's Greatest hits     Oh Sheila!
               Real McCoy			       Another Night
               Reality Bites			       Soundtrack
               Red Hot Chili Peppers		       What Hits!?
               Red Hot Chili Peppers		       One Hot Minute
               Rednex				       Sex & Violins
               Ren & Stimpy			       You Eediot!
               Reo Speedwagon			       Hi Infidelity
               Rerun Rock			       presents Superstars Sing Television Themes
               Rick James			       Street Songs
               Rick Springfield			       Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits
               Right Said Fred			       Up
               Righteous Brothers		       The Best Of
               Ritmo Latino			       Self Titled
               Rob Zombie                              Hellbilly Deluxe
               Rock N Roll Era			       1962
               Rock Of The 80's			       Volume 2
               Rock of The 80's			       Volume 3
               Rock Of The 80's 		       Volume 5
               Rock Of The 80's			       Volume 6
               Rock Of The 80's			       Volume 12
               Rock On				       1982
               Rock On				       1984
               Rock On				       1985
               Rock On				       1986
               Rock On				       1989
               Rod Stewart			       Greatest Hits
               Rod Stewart			       If We Fall In Love Tonight
               The Rolling Stones		       Best Of The Rolling Stones
               Romeo & Juliet			       Volume 1
               Romeo & Juliet 			       Volume 2
               Romy And Michelles High School Reunion  More Soundtrack
               Ryan Downe			       The Hypocrite
               Run DMC			               Together Forever, The Greatest Hits
               Sacred Spirits			       Yeha-Noha
               Salt N Peppa			       Very Necessary
               Samantha Fox			       Greatest Hits
               Sash and Ange			       Childlike World
               Savage Garden			       Self Titled
               Scatterbrain			       Here Comes Trouble
               Selena				       Dreaming Of You
               Selena				       Amor Prohibido
               Selena				       Entre A Mi Mundo
               Sha-na-na			       Whole lotta Sha-na-na
               Shanice				       Inner Child
               Shared Vision			       Songs Of The Beatles
               Sheena Easton			       The Best Of
               Sheryl Crow			       Tuesday Night Music Club
               Sheryl Crow			       Self Titled
               Sheryl Crow			       The Globe Sessions
               Showgirls			       Soundtrack
               Sir Mixalot			       Mack Daddy
               Siouxsie & The Banshees		       Peepshow
               Slaughter			       Revolution
               Snow				       12 Inches Of Snow
               Snow				       Justuss
               Sophie B. Hawkins		       Whaler
               Sounds Of The 70's		       AM Top 20
               Sounds Of The 70's		       Guitar Power
               Sounds Of The 70's		       1970
               Sounds Of The 70's		       1971
               Sounds Of The 70's		       1972
               Sounds Of The 70's		       1973
               Sounds Of The 70's             	       1974
               Sounds Of The 70's             	       1975
               Sounds Of The 70's             	       1975 Take 2
               Sounds Of The 70's             	       1976
               Sounds Of The 70's   	      	       1977
               Sounds Of The 70's       	       1978
               Sounds Of The 70's      		       1979
               Sounds Of The 80's		       The Rockin 80's
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1980
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1981
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1982
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1983
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1983 - 84
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1984
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1985
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1985 - 86
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1986
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1987
               Sounds Of The 80's		       1988
               Spacehog			               Resident Alien
               Spice Girls			       Spice	
               Spice Girls			       Spice World
               Spin Doctors			       Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
               Steppenwolf			       16 Greatest Hits
               The Steve Miller Band		       Greatest Hits 1974 - 1978
               Steve Vai			       Passion and Warfare
               Stevie Nicks			       Belladonna
               Styx				       Kilroy Was Here
               Sublime				       40 Oz. To Freedom
               Suicidal Tendencies		       Join The Army
               Sugar Ray			       Floored
               Super 70's			       Self Titled
               Talking Heads			       Speaking In Tongues
               Taylor Dayne			       Greatest Hits
               Technotronic			       Pump Up The Jam
               Teen Idols			       80's Greatest Rock Hits
               Televisions Greatest Hits	       Self Titled
               Televisions Greatest Hits	       Volume 2
               Televisions Greatest Hits    	       70's and 80's
               Terror Trax			       Track Of The Vampire
               The 2 Live Crew			       As Nasty As They Wanna Be
               That Thing You Do		       Soundtrack
               The 976 Girls			       Phone Phuct
               They Might Be Giants		       Lincoln
               The Best of The Thompson Twins          Greatest Mixes
               Tina Turner			       Simply The Best
               Titanic				       Soundtrack
               Titanic				       Back To Titanic
               Titanic				       The Ultimate Collection
               Totally 80's			       Self Titled     *
               Totally 90's			       Self Titled     *
               TLC				       Ooh On The TLC Tip
               TLC				       Crazy Sexy Cool
               Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers	       Greatest Hits
               Tom Petty			       Wild Flowers
               Toni Braxton			       Self Titled
               Tracey Bonham			       The Burdens Of Being Upright
               Trainspotting			       Soundtrack
               Trixter				       Self Titled