Ultimate Dance Party		       1998 
               2 Unlimited			       Get Ready
               Van Halen			       Self Titled
               Van Halen			       II
               Van Halen			       Women And Children First
               Van Halen			       Diver Down
               Van Halen			       1984
               Van Halen			       5150
               Van Halen			       OU812
               Van Halen			       Best Of, Volume 1
               Van Morrison			       Moondance
               Veruca Salt			       Eight Arms To Hold You
               The Verve			       Urban Hymns
               Voces Unidas			       Self Titled
               WWF				       Wrestlemania The Album
               WWF				       Full Metal The Album
               WWF				       The Music Volume 2
               Wang Chung			       Wang Chung's Greatest Hits
               Warrant				       Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
               Warrior Soul			       Drugs God And The New Republic
               The Wedding Singer		       Volume 1
               The Wedding Singer		       Volume 2
               Weezer				       Self Titled
               Wierd Al Yankovic		       Off The Deep End
               Wierd Al Yankovic		       Bad Hair Day
               Wierd Al Yankovic		       Alapalooza
               The Why Store			       Self Titled
               Will Smith			       Big Willie Style
               Wilson Phillips			       Self Titled
               Wilson Phillips			       Shadows And Light
               The Wizard Of Oz		               Soundtrack
               Woodstock			       Self Titled     *
               Wyclef Jean			       The Carnival
               ZZ Top				       Afterburner
               ZZ Top				       Greatest Hits