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               MC Hammer			       Lets Get It Started
               MC Hammer			       Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em
               MC Hammer			       Greatist hits
               MTV Party To Go			       Volume 2
               MTV Party To Go			       Volume 3
               MTV Party To Go			       Volume 4
               MTV Party To Go			       Volume 5
               MTV Party To Go			       Volume 10
               Macarena			               Nonstop
               Macarena			               Mix
               Macarena			               Tropical Disco
               Macarena			               Party Mix
               Madonna		                       Like A Prayer
               Madonna			               I'm Breathless
               Madonna			               The Emmaculate Collection
               Madonna			               Erotica
               Madonna			               Bedtime Stories
               Madonna			               Something To Remember
               Mariah Carey			       MTV Unplugged
               Mariah Carey			       Merry Christmas
               Mariah Carey			       Music Box
               Marvin Gaye			       Greatest Hits
               Mark Morrison			       Return Of The Mack
               Marilyn Manson			       Antichrist Superstar
               Matchbox 20			       Yourself Or Someone Like You
               Maxwell				       Urban Hang Suite
               Megadance Hits			       Self Titled
               Meatloaf			               Bat Out Of Hell
               Meatloaf			               Bat Out Of Hell 2:Back Into Hell
               Melrose Place			       The Music
               Men At Work			       Cargo
               Men At Work			       Puttin In Overtime
               Men In Black			       The Album
               Meredith Brooks			       Blurring The Edges
               Miami Sound Machine		       Eyes Of Innocence
               Metallica			       Ride The Lightning
               Metallica			       Kill 'Em All
               Metallica			       Injustice For All
               Metallica			       Interview Disc
               Metallica			       The Black Album
               Metallica			       Load
               Metallica			       Reload
               Metallica			       Live Shit:  Binge & Purge     * + 1
               Mi Vida Loca			       Soundtrack
               Miami Sound Machine		       Primitive Love
               Michael Jackson			       And The Jackson Five....
               Michael Jackson			       History
               Midnight Blues		               Self Titled
               The Mighty Mighty Bosstones  	       Lets Face It
               Milli Vanilli			       Girl You Know Its True
               Milli Vanilli			       All Or Nothing			Supa Dupa Fly
               Mo Money			               Soundtrack
               Modern A Cappella		       Various Artists
               Monica				       Miss Thang
               The Monkeys			       Then And Now, The Best Of
               Morcheeba			       Big Calm
               Mortal Kombat			       Soundtrack
               Motley Crue			       Doctor Feelgood
               Motley Crue			       Decade Of Decadance 81 - 91
               Movie Luv			       The Ultimate Movie Soundtrack Collection
               Muddy & The Wolf		               Self Titled
               Music To Your Ears		       A Collection Of Holiday Music
               Natalie Imbruglia		       Left Of The Middle
               Naughty By Nature		       Self Titled
               Neil Diamond			       The Greatest Hits 1966 to 1992
               Neil Young			       Unplugged
               Nena				       99 Luft Balloons
               New Power Generation                    New Power Soul
               New Wave hits Of the 80's 	       Volume 6
               New Wave hits Of the 80's  	       Volume 7
               New Wave hits Of the 80's  	       Volume 8
               New Wave hits Of the 80's 	       Volume 9
               New Wave hits Of the 80's 	       Volume 10
               New Wave hits Of the 80's 	       Volume 11
               Nina Simone			       Golden Hits
               No Doubt			               Tragic Kingdom
               Nothing To Lose			       Soundtrack
               40 Nutty Novelty Records Of The Sixties Self Titled
               Nydia Rojas			       Self Titled
               OMC				       How Bizarre
               Oasis				       (Whats The Story) Morning Glory
               Oldies But Goodies		       21 #1 Hits
               Olivia Newton John		       Olivia's Greatest Hits Volume 2
               Olivia Newton John		       Back To Basics
               Only Dance 			       1975 - 1979
               Only Dance 			       1980 - 1984
               Only Rock N Roll			       #1 Radio Hits 1980 - 1984
               Only Dance			       1985 - 1989
               Only Rock N Roll			       1985 - 1989
               Only Rock N Roll			       1990 - 1994
               The Out Here Brothers		       One Polish Two Biscuits And A Fish Sandwich
               Ozzy Osbourne			       Tribute
               Ozzy Osbourne			       Bark At The Moon
               Ozzy Osbourne			       Speak Of The Devil
               Ozzy Osbourne 			       Live and Loud     *
               Packer Maniacs			       Self Titled
               Patti LaBelle			       Winner In You
               Paul McCartney			       Tug Of War
               Paul McCartney			       Types Of Peace
               Paul McCartney			       All The Best
               Paul McCartney			       Paul Is Live
               Paula Abdul			       Forever your Girl
               Paula Abdul			       Spellbound
               Paula Abdul			       Head Over Heels
               Paula Cole			       This Fire
               Pete Townsend			       The Best Of
               Poison				       Look What The Cat Dragged In
               Poison				       Open Up And Say Ahh
               Pras                                    Ghetto Supastar
               Presidents Of the United States Of America  Self Titled
               Pretty Boy Floyd			       Leather Boyz & Electric Toyz
               Primus				       Brown Album
               Prince				       1999
               Prince & The Revolution		       Purple Rain
               Prince & The Revolution    	       Around The World In A Day
               Prince & The NPG		               Diamonds And Pearls
               Prince 				       Come
               TAFKAP				       The Gold Experience
               TAFKAP				       Crystal Ball 2  1
               TAFKAP			               Crystal Ball 2  2
               TAFKAP                                  Crystal Ball 2  3
               Prince				       The Hits /B Sides    *  +  1    
               TAFKAP			               Crystal Ball     *
               TAFKAP			               Emmancipation     * + 1
               Prince	                               The Music Of
               Prince				       The Prince Songbook
               The Police			       Every Breath You Take
               Pure Disco			       Self Titled