Aaliyah                                 One in a Million
               Abba                                    The Greatest Hits
               AC/DC                                   Back In Black
               Ace Of Base                             The Sign 
               Ace Frehley                             12 Picks 
               Adam Ant                                Friend Or Foe 
               Adam Ant                                Forbidden Zone 
               Adina Howard                            Do You Want A Ride 
               Air Supply                              Greatest Hits 
               Alanis Morissette                       Jagged Little Pill 
               Alanis Morissette                       Supposed Former Infactuation Junkie 
               Alice Cooper                            Goes To Hell 
               Alice Cooper                            The Alice Cooper Show 
               All-4-One                               Self Titled 
               AM Gold                                 1969 
               AM Gold                                 1970 
               AM Gold                                 1971 
               AM Gold                                 1972 
               AM Gold                                 1973 
               Amanda Marshall                         Self Titled 
               The American Indian                     All The Best From The American Indian 
               Amadeus,                                The Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) 
               Amy Grant                               Heart In Motion 
               Andrew Dice Clay                        Dice 
               Arrested Development                    3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of 
               Aqua                                    Aquarium 
               Austin Powers                           Soundtrack 
               Awesome '80's                           Self Titled 
               Bananarama                              The Greatest Hits Collection 
               Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls             The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls 
               Bad Boys                                Soundtrack 
               Best Of B.B. King                       The Best Of B.B. King 
               Bangles                                 Greatest Hits 
               Bardeux                                 Shangri-La 
               Baton Rouge                             Shake Your Soul 
               Beastie Boys                            Hello Nasty 
               The Beatles                             Please Please Me 
               The Beatles                             Anthology 1 * 
               The Beatles                             Anthology 2 * 
               The Beatles                             Anthology 3 * 
               The Beatles                             1962 - 1966 * 
               The Beatles                             1967 - 1970 * 
               Beavis And Butthead                     Do America 
               Beck                                    Odelay 
               Bee Gee's                               Greatest 
               Beethoven,                              The Best Of L. Van Beethoven 
               Belinda Carlisle                        Her Greatest Hits 
               Belly                                   Star 
               Berlin                                  Pleasure Victim 
               Best Of 80's Rock                       Volume 3 
               Bette Midler                            Experience The Divine/Greatest Hits 
               Betty Boo                               Boomania 
               The B-52's                              Cosmic Thing 
               The B-52's                              Good Stuff 
               Billboard Top Hits                      1976 
               Billboard Top Hits                      1979 
               Billy Idol                              Vital Idol 
               Billy Joel                              Greatest Hits Volume I * 
               Billy Joel                              Greatest Hits Volume II * 
               Billy Joel                              River Of Dreams 
               Billy Squire                            Emotions In Motion 
               Blackstreet                             Another Level 
               Blondie                                 The Best Of Blondie 
               Blondie                                 Blonde And Beyond 
               Blue Murder                             Self Titled 
               Best Of the Blues Legends               Self Titled 
               Blues Traveler                          Four 
               Bob & Doug McKenzie                     Great White North 
               Bobby Brown                             Dance...Ya Know It 
               Body + Soul                             Love Serenade 
               Body Talk                               On My Mind 
               Body Talk                               Hearts In Motion 
               Body Talk                               Forever Yours 
               Body Talk                               Just For You 
               Body Talk                               Moonlit Nights 
               Body Talk                               Together Forever 
               The Bodyguard                           Soundtrack
               Bow Wow Wow                             I Want Candy 
               The Brady Bunch Movie                   Soundtrack 
               Brandy                                  Never Say Never 
               Brave Hearts                            Narada 
               The Breakfast Club                      Soundtrack 
               Boyz II Men                             CooleyHighHarmony 
               Boyz II Men                             II 
               The Breeders                            Last Splash 
               Bruce Springsteen                       Nebraska 
               Bruce Springsteen                       Born In The USA 
               Bruce Springsteen                       Tunnel Of Love 
               Bruce Springsteen                       Greatest Hits 
               Bruce Springsteen                       The River * 
               Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band   - Live/1975 - 85 * + 1 
               Busta Rhymes                            When Disaster Strikes... 
               The Cars                                Greatest Hits 
               CeCe Peniston                           Finally 
               Celine Dion                             The Colour Of My Love 
               Celine Dion                             Falling Into You 
               Celine Dion                             Let's Talk About Love 
               Chant                                   The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos 
               Cheap Trick                             The Greatest Hits 
               Cheech & Chong's                        Greatest Hit 
               Cher                                    Heart Of Stone 
               Chicago                                 Greatest Hits 1982 - 1989 
               Chumbawamba                             Tubthumper 
               The Clash                               Combat Rock 
               1966                                    The Beat Goes On 
               1968                                    The Beat Goes On 
               1968                                    Shakin' All Over 
               1969                                    The Beat Goes On 
               Club Mix '96                            Volume 1 
               Clueless                                Soundtrack 
               Cool Rock                               Mystic Music Presents Cool Rock 
               Coolio                                  Gangsta's Paradise 
               Coolio                                  My Soul 
               Cosmic Funk                             Self Titled 
               CoverGirls                              We Can't Go Wrong 
               Cowboy Mouth                            Are You With Me? 
               The Cranberries                         Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 
               The Cranberries                         No Need To Argue 
               The Cranberries                         To The Faithful Departed 
               Crossroads                              Soundtrack 
               The Crow                                Soundtrack 
               The Cult                                Ceremony 
               Culture Club                            The Best Of 
               Culture Club                            VH1 Storytellers/Greatest Moments 
               Cutting Edge                            America Rocks 
               Da Brat                                 Anuthatantrum 
               Daft Punk                               Homework 
               Dance Hits '98                          Self Titled 
               Dance Mix USA                           Self Titled 
               Dance Mix USA                           Vol. 4 
               80's Dance Party                        Self Titled 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 Voices 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 Private Eyes 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 H20 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 Greatest Hits 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 Big Bam Boom 
               Daryl Hall & John Oates                 Soulful Sounds 
               David Bowie                             Changesbowie 
               David Lee Roth                          Eat 'Em And Smile 
               Deadeye Dick                            A Different Story 
               Dead Or Alive                           Rip It Up 
               Deee-Lite                               Sampladelic Relics & Dancefloor Oddities 
               Def Leppard                             Hysteria 
               Def Leppard                             Greatest Hits 1980Vault1995 
               Def Leppard                             Slang 
               Del Amitri                              Twisted 
               Devo                                    Oh No It's Devo/Freedom Of Choice 
               Devo                                    Greatest Hits 
               Dexys Midnight Runners                  The Very Best Of 
               Diana King                              Think Like A Girl 
               Dionne Farris                           Wild Seed - Wild Flower 
               Dirty Dancing                           Soundtrack 
               Discover The Classics                   Self Titled * + 1 
               Donna Lewis                             Now In A Minute 
               Donna Summer                            Endless Summer 
               The Doors                               Absolutely Live 
               The Doors                               The Best Of The Doors * 
               D.R.I.                                  Thrash Zone 
               Duncan Sheik                            Self Titled 
               Duran Duran                             Decade 
               Duran Duran                             Seven And The Ragged Tiger