702				       All I Want
               Aaliyah 			               Age Aint Nothing  But A Number
               Aaliyah				       At Your Best (You Are Love)
               Aaliyah				       Back And Forth
               Alanis Morissette		       You Oughta Know
               Allure				       All Cried Out
               B-Rock & The Bizz		       My Baby Daddy
               The Beatles			       Free As A Bird
               Bee Gee's			       Still Waters (Run Deep)
               Blind Melon			       No Rain 
               BoDeans			               Closer to Free
               Boyz II Men			       4 Seasons Of Loneliness
               Britney Spears			       ...Baby One More Time
               Celine Dion			       Its All Coming Back To Me Now
               Coolio				       Too Hot
               Coolio				       C U When U Get There
               The Cranberries			       Linger
               Crush				       Jellyhead
               Crush				       Luv'd Up
               Crystal Waters			       Say...If You Feel Alright
               Culture Beat			       Mr. Vain
               David Bowie			       I'm Afraid Of Americans
               Diana King			       Shy Guy
               Diana King			       L-L-Lies
               Dishwalla			       Counting Blue Cars
               Divine				       Lately
               Donna Lewis			       I Love You Always Forever
               Elton John			       Something About The Way You Look Tonight
               En Vogue			               Free Your Mind
               4 PM				       Sukiyaki
               Fiona Apple			       Criminal
               Freak Nasty			       Da' Dip
               Garbage				       Stupid Girl
               Gina G.				       OOh Ah, Just A Little Bit
               Gina G.				       Gimme Some Love
               Gloria Estefan			       Turn The Beat Around
               Gloria Estefan			       You'll Be Mine
               Gloria Estefan			       Heavens What I feel
               Go Go's 			               The Whole World Lost Its Head
               Groove Grass Boyz		       Macarena
               Hot Chocolate			       You Sexy Thing
               INOJ				       Love You Down
               INOJ				       Time After Time
               Janet Jackson			       You Want This
               Janet Jackson			       Twenty Foreplay
               Janet Jackson			       The Best Things In Life Are Free
               Janet Jackson			       Together Again
               Jennifer Paige			       Crush
               Katalina			               DJ Girl
               Keith Sweat			       Twisted
               The KLF				       Justified And Ancient
               L.L. Cool J			       Doin' It
               Lil Kim				       Not Tonight
               Los Del Rio			       Macarena
               M.C. Luscious			       Da' Dip
               Madonna			               Remixed Prayers
               Madonna			               Secret
               Madonna			               Erotica
               Madonna			               Take A Bow
               Madonna			               Ray Of Light
               Mariah Carey & B II M		       One Sweet Day
               Mariah Carey			       Honey
               Marilyn Manson			       Remix And Repent
               Merril Bainbridge		       Mouth
               Metallica			       One
               Metallica			       Hero Of The Day
               Michael Jackson			       Blood On The Dance Floor
               Mr. President			       Coco Jamboo
               My Heart Will Go On 		       The Dance Mixes
               Natalie Browne			       Torn (the disc DOES say Natalie Browne)
               No Doubt			               Spiderwebs
               Notorious B.I.G.		               Hypnotize
               Ozzy Osbourne			       Mama I'm Coming Home
               Paperboy			               Ditty
               Prince				       Erotic City
               Prince				       Kiss
               Prince				       Little Red Corvette
               TAFKAP			               Most Beautiful Girl In The World
               Prince				       The Scandalous Sex Suite
               Prince & The NPG		               Gett Off
               Prince & The NPG		               My Name Is Prince
               Puff Daddy & Faith Evans  	       I'll be missing You
               Real McCoy			       Another Night
               Real McCoy			       One More Time
               Rednex				       Cotton Eye Joe
               Robyn				       Do You Know (What It Takes?)
               Robyn				       Show Me Love
               Rod Stewart			       Ooh La La
               Rosie Gaines			       Be Strong
               Run DMC vs Jason Nevins 	               Its Like That
               Save Ferris			       Come On Eileen
               Shania Twain			       You're Still The One
               Shania Twain			       You're Still The One-Dance Mixes
               Sheryl Crow			       Run Baby Run
               Sheryl Crow			       Strong Enough
               Sheryl Crow			       All I Wanna Do
               Sister Hazel			       All For You
               Soul Asylum			       Misery
               Spice Girls			       Wannabe
               Spice Girls			       2 Become 1
               Spice Girls		               Spice Up Your Life
               Spice Girls			       Stop!
               Spice Girls			       Too Much
               SWV				       Downtown
               T-Boz				       Touch Myself
               TLC				       Diggin On You
               Tevin Campbell			       I'm Ready
               Tina Arena			       Chains
               The Tokens			       The Lion Sleeps Tonight
               Third Eye Blind			       Semi-Charmed Life
               Toni Braxton			       You're Makin' Me High
               Wild Orchid			       Supernatural
               Wild Orchid			       Talk To Me
               Will Smith			       Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It